Journal of Persada Husada Indonesia is a health scientific publication media managed by STIKes Persada Husada Indonesia with ISSN: 2622-4666 (Online) and ISSN: 2356-3281 (Print). This journal is published every 3 months and contains at least 6 scientific articles sourced from the research of  public health and nursing STIKes PHI' lecturers and research from other health institutions' lecturers.

Jurnal Persada Husada Indonesia can be a very useful media for researchers and users of research results to inform, discuss, utilize research results in an effort to improve the quality, policies, evidence-based health planning so that it can help in decision making.

Through this journal we invite colleagues from both internal and external STIKes PHI to work together to fill this journal with articles that are useful in supporting education and health development in Indonesia. It is also possible if there are still shortcomings in the process of publishing this journal. We highly expect criticism and suggestions for the progress of the journal Persada Husada Indonesia.