Measurement of the Relationship between Nurse Performance and Influential Factors at Prikasih Hospital, South Jakarta

  • Siti Utami Dewi Akademi Keperawatan Fatmawati Jakarta
Keywords: Environment, Training, Ability, Discipline, Performance Work


          Nurse as one of the health workers in hospitals plays an important role in achieving the goal of health  development.  The  success  of  health  care  depends  on  the  participation  of  nurses  in  delivering quality care for patients. The purpose of this study was to determine the direct and indirect influence as well as the amount of work environment, job training, and employability and work discipline on the performance of nurses in Prikasih Hospital South Jakarta Year 2016. The method used in this study is quantitative  approach  that  use  cross-sectional  design.  Samples  used  as  many  as  80  nurses  as  respondents. The analytical method used was  Structural Equation Model (SEM) using SmartPLS 2.0 and SPSS  20.  Results  of  hypothesis testing  by  Structural  Equation  Model  (SEM)  using smartPLS produce  research  findings  that  performance  of  nurses  variable at  Hospital  South  Jakarta  Prikasih  influenced  by  work  environment  (19.57%),  job  training  (22.67%),  ability  to  work  (20.51%)  and  discipline (12.01%) The total  direct  effect  was 74.8%.  While  the  indirect  effect  of  work  environment  (1.046%), job training (0.198%), and ability to work (0.209%). Therefore the total direct and indirect influences were 76.2%. Model analysis results can explain 99.78% diversity of data and able to assess the  phenomenon  used  in  the  study,  while  the  0.22%  described  other  components  that  do  not  exist  in  this study. The result showed a greater effect namely vocational training because training as a form of development  capabilities  and  skills  of  nurses.  The  research  suggest  nurses  should  be  train  cross-sectionally  in  order  to  complement  and  helping  each  other,  therefore  it could  enhance  teamwork  among leaders, nurses and their colleagues to achieve hospital goals.

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